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Our Process

Want to know whether you have a building that could benefit from VPO or PFC, and start saving money on electricity?

Simply engage Powerhouse Energy Solutions for a free audit.

Our process is simple, we start the audit by deploying our single-phase data logger for 10 days to measure your energy profile.

Our electrical engineers use this energy profile, as well as your power bills and 12 months of energy data from your current energy supplier, to determine if there is an opportunity to save money and whether the opportunity is for VPO, PFC or a combination of both.

We then provide you with a report including savings that might be achieved if you decide to accept our recommendations and install one of our products.

All of this is done at no charge and with no obligation to you.

Do you need help with lowering your power costs?

Contact us now – our team are ready to help you.

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